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  1. How long is the program?

    For the Patient Care Program, we ask for a minimum commitment of three months. Beyond that, there is no set duration of the program, which is designed collaboratively in an effort to meet each individual's needs. Alternatively, we also provide a Customised Transformational Stay (CTS), in which the individual will be able to customise the duration, facilities as well as services according to their convenience. Along with the regular therapeutic and psychiatric intervention, CTS provides the participant with the choice and freedom to work online, get food and packages delivered to them under supervision as well as other privileges.


  2. How does someone become a patient at Wisdom Matters?

    We provide a cost-free consultation, after which our admissions director, if deemed appropriate, the prospective patient will be placed on a waiting list for consultation. When we have an opening, an in-person consultation will be arranged with possible admission to follow. Once the consultation occurs, an admission is offered and accepted 85% of the time.

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