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Awareness Programs

This is an initiative with a vision to create social awareness and move beyond the taboo attached to mental illnesses and addiction. Our awareness programs are aimed at increasing knowledge in the community to improve understanding of mental health and prevent the issues at an early stage.


Workshop to understand Addiction at  Evolve, Ahmedabad


Guest lecture to understand addiction for students at Nirmalaniketan College, Mumbai


Preliminary to Shamata Workshop at Vajradhatu, Pune


Suicide Prevention Training at Connecting, Pune

Guest lectures and workshops for students and young professionals on Understanding Mental Health and Psychological Flourishing Using CEB as a Tool. CEB (Cultivating Emotional Balance) works on the principle of self-awareness, managing destructive emotions and activating cognitive networks.


Snehadhara Foundation, Bangalore

Vajradhatu, Pune.jpg

Vajradhatu - Centre for Study & Practice of Indian Mind Traditions, Pune

Salam Balak Trust, Delhi.jpg

Salam Balak Trust, Delhi


Lighthouse, Mumbai

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