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Psychiatric Centre Near Me
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Why Choose Us

We are different from most rehab centres in that we specialise in treating individuals living with schizophrenia and other issues related to odd  behaviour. We can guarantee top-of-the-line counselling and psychological services catered to your needs. We implement effective Psychotherapy methods to instil self-understanding among patients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations thatsa'why we are Best rehab center for depression


It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from client and caretaker alike.

What is Schizophrenia

If your loved one shows the following signs, seek help from a qualified mental health professional and make an appointment NOW

  • Unable to think clearly

  • Make good judgments

  • Emotional responses are inappropriate

  • Unable to communicate effectively

  • Lost touch with reality

  • Talking to himself or someone that isn't there

  • Behaving inappropriately

  • Has false thoughts (delusions)

  • Seeing or hearing things that are not there (hallucinations)

  • Has lost motivation

  • Is socially withdrawn, highly suspicious

  • Talking irrelevantly and without a goal

  • Has tried to harm themselves or others

  • Walking around without purpose or repetition of a behaviour



When symptoms are severe, people with schizophrenia have difficulty staying in touch with reality and often are unable to meet the ordinary demands of daily life. to reach wisdom search Schizophrenia rehabilitation hospital near me            

How Do We Treat Schizophrenia

Your personalised Schizophrenia Treatment Plan is based on these 6 key elements -

  1. To include your goals and values

  2. Respect your previous mental health experiences

  3. Manag not only symptoms but build resilience

  4. Empower you to move towards self-management 

  5. Focusing on positive functioning in a variety of roles and building positive relationships

  6. Increase hope and motivation towards recovery

And A Combination Of -

  • Antipsychotics

  • Mood Stabilisers

  • Antidepressants

  • Antianxiolytics

  • Individual Counselling

  • Cognitive Training

  • Group Therapy

  • Cultivating Emotional Balance

  • Attention Building

  • Understanding Others Perspectives and Social Cues

  • Rationalisation and Reality Coaching

  • Discipline and Consistency

  • Practising Socially Appropriate Behaviour

  • Maintaining Hygiene and Self-Care

  • Learning to Understand Others Needs and Behave Accordingly

  • Developing Leadership Qualities

Best Rehab Center Treatment Team

The Treatment Plan Will Be Compiled With Care And Expertise By -

Our Clients

Very kind and open-minded people. They helped me understand myself better. With their help I was able to pull myself back together.

- YW

One of the best rehabs in Pune. Counsellors are experienced . Facilities are excellent TV and Air conditioner in every room. Food quality is good.

- PK

I was nervous and unsure about opening up my thoughts but the therapist was so understanding and helped me to go on and express myself with my own pace. 

- DJ

A warm and welcoming environment.. Everyone at the centre is quite cooperative and motivating. Dedicated to improvement and empowerment of the patients. Best rehab center for depression

- SK

Best Rehab facility in Pune for people with Schizophrenia and other psychiatric issues. Empathetic and a very professional staff.

- AS

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